Simple and clear
You don't need to learn tonns of documentation to start working with JuffEd, you just launch it and start working. It does exactly what you expect it to do. If you think something should happen after you press somewhere — it'll most probably happen.

Behind its simplicity JuffEd covers lots of functions:
  • syntax highlighting for more than 20 popular languages;
  • auto-indents in accordance with file type;
  • code blocks folding;
  • maching braces highlighting with instant jumps between them;
  • powerful search and replacing text using regular expressions (including multiline ones) with the opportunity to use matches \1, \2, … in substitutions;
  • saving named sessions;
  • and many, many other features.

JuffEd's Main Window

You can adjust both its appearance and behavior. Just open the Preferences dialog and create your own configuration that is suitable just for you.

JuffEd's Settings Dialog

It doesn't matter whether you use Windows, Linux, FreeBSD or multiple systems — JuffEd is always with you.

Open development
Many functions you currently use were added by users' requests. If you have any suggestions or you've found a bug don't hesitate to log it at our bug-tracker or by e-mail.

Let's make JuffEd better!
In addition to its wide standard feature set, JuffEd can be extended with its powerful plugins system.

Plugins can add main and context menu items, toolbars and dock windows. They also can handle documents and text.

Check out plugins overview at Plugins page.

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Author @ Mikhail Murzin
GTalk/Jabber: mezomish@gmail.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mikhailmurzin/

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